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Maryland Food Bank's
Farm to Food Bank Program

What is the Farm to Food Bank program?

Farm to Food Bank is a program that engages a network of farms across the state in a partnership to provide hungry Marylanders with fresh, local produce. Through a combination of field-gleanings, donations and contract growing, these farms help us supply fresh, nutritious food to our partner networks, and, ultimately, to families in need.

How does it work?

Farms and gleaners can participate in several ways:

  • Donate excess crops to the Maryland Food Bank.
  • Allow minimum-custody offenders to conduct final sweep gleanings of fields in partnership with the Maryland State Department of Corrections.
  • Contract to grow most-needed fruits and vegetables on a portion of land set aside specifically for the Maryland Food Bank.

Farms may deliver produce to the Maryland Food Bank or arrange for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pick-ups. Larger farms may opt to allow the Maryland Food Bank to leave refrigerated trailers to house collections for one bulk pick-up.

NEW! Now you can be part of the Farm to Food Bank Network, too! Click the Adopt Now button to donate up to an acre (or 25,000 pounds) of good fresh fruits and vegetables.

How will produce be distributed without waste?

The Maryland Food Bank has many outlets through which to distribute nutritious, fresh food. We have expanded mobile food programs that distribute produce and established the Charles T. Bauer Community kitchen, a commercial-grade kitchen where perishable products are reconstituted into healthy frozen meals.